Sunday, November 15, 2009

Startin it up...

We started Sassy Pose because we wanted to have fun working with something we love and to share our style with everyone! We started Sassy Pose-THE BLOG to explain some of our thoughts and feelings behind the items we have decided to sell on our website. We hope to share, educate and entertain with this blog!

I have been really thinking about style while working on I've realized that style is all about the way you feel. That is the beauty of it! You don't HAVE to have a certain style to look or feel good. You just have to decide what you like and be confident in that. I have gone through so many phases with my style. And YES I do look back on a lot of them and think "I wonder what I was thinking that day". And I probably have days like that still but as long as I am living in the style I feel good in right now it's worth it.

Everyone has a different perspective and they come to the conclusion of what looks good through that persepctive. And that is how we have personal style! Right now I am in love with bracelets. I also love the textured tights with heels look! LOVE! I ALSO love big chunky sweaters with sweater leggings and boots. I have too many favorites so I need to stop myself but you get the idea!

Please keep in mind that this blog is our personal opinion being shared. A certain style that I might not like could be your favorite look. I am just sharing my perspective for fun and to give you a little sneek peek into the style behind the looks we hope will be put together with our Sassy Pose items.
EXTRA PEEK!: We did some fun photo shoots this week to show off our shoes and accessories. Some of the pics are featured on the website. Here are some that we like but couldn't use because of the lighting or something distracting in the background (like an apartment building! :)


  1. PERFECT - this is where I will do my Christmas shopping for the girls in my life!!

  2. Hey Melissa & Kimmie, Will you guys take orders for size 12 shoe by chance? :-)

  3. Hey Sarah! Let us know what shoes you like and we'll see what they have :) THanks!

  4. Ok I want to see more rings...not just the big bling kind but some cute not so blingy kind