Thursday, March 18, 2010

The Need for an Undershirt

For some reason, when I went to college in 2002, I started wearing undershirts religiously... maybe its because I went to BYUI and they were strict about skin showing... anyway, as fashion evolved, layering became way fashionable but also necessary. Now days, I feel weird if I'm not wearing an undershirt. Pretty much everyone that I know has a million undershirts in every color.. and you should too! A great basic under could add an interesting element to any outfit... or add a contrasting color under to pop any outfit!

Not everyone in the world wears undershirts (in my opinion ALL guys should wear them ALL the time!) but there are some looks that ABSOLUTELY REQUIRE a good undershirt... let' s look at some DO NOT'S:

If you're wearing a deep V neck, wear an undershirt!! No one wants to see your bra

If your shirt is too short or too tight, do yourself a favor and wear and undershirt, no one wants to see your buldges or tummy!

Unfortunately, we are not always aware that our shirt is see through so when in doubt, just wear something under!
99.9% of the world has an ugly back, not only that but who actually likes to see butt crack when someone bends over... quick fix... add an under shirt!

Ok, that was a little scary, but look how cute these outfits are when they add a SHADE layering tank under their tops... cuter and not one of them looks disgusting!!

Add a tank under deep V's and open front tops

Put a simple tank underneath shirts that might be too short or ride up when you sit down

Add a cute color tank under cardigans or sweaters

Put a colored tank under a plain or solid shirt to give your outfit some pop and visual interest!!

Check out our new Shade layering basics... Sassy We can order them for you in any size or color that shade offers on their web site. We offer cami's, wide strap tanks, and layering T's!!

Now I know that you all have your old white tank that isn't even white anymore... do your self a favor and BRIGHTEN UP YOUR LIFE with a new white tank!!

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