Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The Bachelor has style!

So I was veggin out and watching The Bachelor last night when I noticed one of the girls competing for the Texan pilot Jake's attention was wearing our Trista Owl Necklace! I got that feeling of knowing someone famous when you see somebody you know on TV or something like that. I always notice accessories when I'm watching TV because I like to see different people's style. So it caught my eye and I thought 'that's cute'. THEN...wait...rewind...it's the exact same necklace that we sell!

I wish I could say that she got it from Sassy Pose and I would totally believe that she did except it's a new product and we all know that the show was taped months ago. I have no idea where else they sell them but that was a bright spot in Sassy Pose's day. It IS a way cute necklace AND it was my favorite girl on the show that was wearing it! Now I hope she wins even more. Just thought I'd share...

Here is our cute owl...

I couldn't find a closer one...but that's Ali!

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