Friday, January 8, 2010

Just a thought...

I thought everyone thought the same way about this subject...but I'm seeing that's not so. I once heard this tip in a Jessica Simpson interview and I have lived by it ever since. :) Always wear a balance of fitted and baggy. Don't wear both one way or the other. This only applies if you are wearing at least one fitted or one baggy piece. If you are just wearing a casual jeans and a t-shirt it doesn't apply.

For example: you got some really cute but really tight skinny jeans...wear a baggier boyfriend tee or chunky sweater and cute accessories. If you matched a fitted top you would look TOO fitted, tight and uncomfortable.

And other way around...if you have a fitted top, that is the time to wear your bigger wide leg jeans or a flowy skirt..something like that. Don't ever wear a big chunky sweater AND big boyfriend jeans ..that can look sloppy.

Just a thought!

Good Example!

Good example!

Too much baggy

Too much tight

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