Saturday, February 27, 2010

Movin' on Up!

I am a flip flop girl. I grew up in Texas and pretty much lived in flip flops. It was so weird when I moved to Rexburg and flip flops were not allowed. My feet felt clostrophobic! I love that flip flops are so cheap and they don't take up very much room in my closet. I have a pair in every color!

So the last couple of summers I have noticed a shift in summer foot wear. A lot of cute sandals have been coming out... maybe its because I am getting older but I have had a craving to be wearing better quality foot wear. I have been on the hunt for a replacement to my old friends, the flip flops. I just like the way that sandals make your outfit look more put together and less sloppy.

I found this guide to summers hottest sandals! The key is to look for woven, embellished, and fringe. Less matchy, matchy and more accents to accessorize your outfit.

I am super excited about the new footwear we have coming next week! We have three different pairs of sandals for SUPER CHEAP! Believe me, Ive been shopping around for good quality sandals and have found none as cute as ours for the Great Prices we have!

Check out next week for super cute, stylish gladiator sandals, strappy sandals, and t strap python sandals under $15!!

Farewell to my old friends! I'm movin' up in fashion!
(ok, I'm still going to wear flip flops on occasion on my way to the pool or the beach,
I'm not tryin' to quit cold turkey)

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