Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Taste Treat!

We have been seriously neglecting this bloggie...poor little lonely. So we are going to jump on the motivation train and commit to a blog at least every other day. That's just F.Y.I so you can check it as often as poss!

Here at SaSsY PoSe we are constantly checking celeb fashion, recent runway shows and lookbooks...that's where we get our ideas and inspirations for purchasing. Well that and people watching ;) So we thought that we would share with you some of the favorites we find.

Let me tell you a little story about our recent inspiration: Our Dad is very innovative when it comes to...well, a lot of things but mostly DESSERTS! He is famous for sprinkling a little Tang Mix on Ice Cream or adding PeanutButter to anything just to try it out. Oh the memories of the pickle snow cone or a tortilla chip dipped in cookie dough. Sometimes it gets a little out there but we hear "don't knock it til you try it". So whenever he tries something new and it actually turns out to be good he calls it a Taste Treat Delight!

So...point of the story... our daily dish of fashion love is going to be called Taste Treat of the day. Why? Do you ask! Well we like to find people that have tried something new and different and pulled it off. And sometimes we can just like the good old fashioned safe style that always looks good. Either way...we will share our finds with you. And those with good taste (in fashion ;) become our treat!
Taste Treat #1:

We had to find a good winter look before the season is over. This look is from (LOOOOVE that site). The whole combination just works and is so creative. The fave part is that hood/scarf. Don't know what it is but hoping that it is a separate chunky scarf piece because that is to die for. Love everything about it! What do you think?

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