Thursday, February 25, 2010


We were looking for some inspiration so I asked Mr. Joe Zee from 'THE CITY' ,who is also the creative director of ELLE magazine, what trends he was predicting for the summer. We were so stoked when he actually wrote back!!! Twitter is a great invention. There is no other way someone could get professional fashion advice from the top of the fashion food chain in just a couple of minutes. Just sayin'.

So we were already surprised to see his response and then we got even more excited because here was his answer:

'for summer i am loving pleated shorts rolled up, gladiator sandals, simple accessories and baggy boyfriend tee's and tanks' (wording something very close to that)

The reason we loved that answer is because that is exactly what we ordered for our Sassy Pose spring/summer collection!!! Oh we are so on top of it ;) So, look forward to our long shorts, simple accessories, boyfriend tees, and gladiator sandals! All of our new stuff launches next week!

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