Wednesday, December 16, 2009


It's time to start making room for our new products coming for the NeW YeAr! Sassy Pose is having a 24 HOUR SALE!!! The sale starts now and ends tomorrow afternoon. ALL Sassy purses are going to be just $9.99 for 24 hours! We love our purses but are excited about trying new colors and styles for this next season. So go to to check out what we have available!

Our newest member of the Sassy Pose purse family is this ABBIE Bag. It's my personal favorite of the bunch! We have it in a metallic pewter and metallic bronze. The design on the outside is so unique and the inside is lined with an amazing purple satin. LOVE! There are three pockets inside and a zipper at the top. Everyone needs at least one of these two colors! JUST $9.99!

Also included in the sale is the Meredith bag. You may not see it very clearly in the picture because it matched the background but its beautiful in person! Its a bigger bag and is actually supposed to be used as a laptop carrier (gives you an idea of the size).

Check out the website for these steals. You still have time to order in time for Christmas! Thank you!

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