Friday, December 11, 2009


Sometimes its just fun dressing dramatic! These are not Sassy Pose items but I just wanted to share some other cool looks with you! The heel was worn by Alicia Keys...I just saw it and wondered if you have to be a celebrity to pull that off? It would be fun to wear if you had some fun fancy place to go(and if you have really beautiful feet that you want to draw attention to) But do any of us have a place we could wear those? i wish...

I have really been wanting some over the knee boots. I first wanted them when I was watching Rachel Zoe and I saw Taylor wearing some really high and Sassy leather ones. I think I would get some flat suede ones if I do. Just because then I can wear them more often. We'll see if I decide to go for it...I am already putting some amazing outfits together in my head. Yum!

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