Monday, December 7, 2009

Add it to my collection

Today we were deciding what shoes we have that are the best to sell for the holidays since we started our Holiday Shoes Sale! I was looking through all the shoes and rediscovered my love for the NYDIA HEELS we have! They are black suede with the cutest little zoosh decor on the peep toe! The pictures just don't capture the way I see them in real life. I decided they are the absolute best for the Holidays since they scream 'Christmas Party' OR 'New Years Party'. They are classy and so tall. I always say 'the taller the better' because the higher they are the better they make your legs look. I tried them on for the first time and fell in love all over again because they are actually so much more comfortable than I expected. So needless to say I bought them for myself from myself and they are making my shoe collection look so good. Now I just need a new outfit to wear them with and something to do on New Year's Eve! Classy never goes out of style. Take a look...

These Nydia Peep Toe Heels are only $14.99 during this week's shoe sale! Check out what other shoes are on sale for the holidays at!

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