Thursday, December 10, 2009

Thank you Sassy Posers!

We just really want to say THANK YOU to everyone that reads this blog, looks at the Sassy website, attends the parties, etc. Setting up Sassy Pose has been such a fun project. It really has just given us a creative outlet that we LOVE! We said from the start that we aren't doing this to replace our job, we just want to have fun practicing what we are interested in and learning about everything that comes with it.

It really means a lot to us that we feel so much support from everyone. Its so exciting every time someone is interested in what we're doing. We love when someone is excited about looking at the products, or even just comments on the group or website. I don't know if you can handle this cheesiness but it seriously makes me want to tear up when I see a friend or family member has ordered from the site. For all I know our family could be the only ones reading these posts. But it means a lot to me that they do.

I love when my sisters bring their friends over because they saw something on the website and want to buy it and everytime we get an order from someone we don't even know its thrilling. One of my best friends bought something right when we started and has had her family looking at the site and ordering things too. I don't know if its just to be supportive or because they love the products but either way I am just so appreciative to know wonderful and supportive people!

So I know this post isn't about the looks or products but I just wanted to take a second to say thanks. I promise I'll post about a more relevant topic tomorrow, I just couldn't help myself. We really do just want to sell you what you want so don't ever hesitate to tell us. Even if its not about what we are selling and you want to share a look you like. Feel free! It's fun for us and we hope it is for you too! If there is anyway we can thank you...let us know. We love you Sassy Posers!

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