Saturday, February 27, 2010

Movin' on Up!

I am a flip flop girl. I grew up in Texas and pretty much lived in flip flops. It was so weird when I moved to Rexburg and flip flops were not allowed. My feet felt clostrophobic! I love that flip flops are so cheap and they don't take up very much room in my closet. I have a pair in every color!

So the last couple of summers I have noticed a shift in summer foot wear. A lot of cute sandals have been coming out... maybe its because I am getting older but I have had a craving to be wearing better quality foot wear. I have been on the hunt for a replacement to my old friends, the flip flops. I just like the way that sandals make your outfit look more put together and less sloppy.

I found this guide to summers hottest sandals! The key is to look for woven, embellished, and fringe. Less matchy, matchy and more accents to accessorize your outfit.

I am super excited about the new footwear we have coming next week! We have three different pairs of sandals for SUPER CHEAP! Believe me, Ive been shopping around for good quality sandals and have found none as cute as ours for the Great Prices we have!

Check out next week for super cute, stylish gladiator sandals, strappy sandals, and t strap python sandals under $15!!

Farewell to my old friends! I'm movin' up in fashion!
(ok, I'm still going to wear flip flops on occasion on my way to the pool or the beach,
I'm not tryin' to quit cold turkey)

Thursday, February 25, 2010


We were looking for some inspiration so I asked Mr. Joe Zee from 'THE CITY' ,who is also the creative director of ELLE magazine, what trends he was predicting for the summer. We were so stoked when he actually wrote back!!! Twitter is a great invention. There is no other way someone could get professional fashion advice from the top of the fashion food chain in just a couple of minutes. Just sayin'.

So we were already surprised to see his response and then we got even more excited because here was his answer:

'for summer i am loving pleated shorts rolled up, gladiator sandals, simple accessories and baggy boyfriend tee's and tanks' (wording something very close to that)

The reason we loved that answer is because that is exactly what we ordered for our Sassy Pose spring/summer collection!!! Oh we are so on top of it ;) So, look forward to our long shorts, simple accessories, boyfriend tees, and gladiator sandals! All of our new stuff launches next week!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Taste Treat!

We have been seriously neglecting this bloggie...poor little lonely. So we are going to jump on the motivation train and commit to a blog at least every other day. That's just F.Y.I so you can check it as often as poss!

Here at SaSsY PoSe we are constantly checking celeb fashion, recent runway shows and lookbooks...that's where we get our ideas and inspirations for purchasing. Well that and people watching ;) So we thought that we would share with you some of the favorites we find.

Let me tell you a little story about our recent inspiration: Our Dad is very innovative when it comes to...well, a lot of things but mostly DESSERTS! He is famous for sprinkling a little Tang Mix on Ice Cream or adding PeanutButter to anything just to try it out. Oh the memories of the pickle snow cone or a tortilla chip dipped in cookie dough. Sometimes it gets a little out there but we hear "don't knock it til you try it". So whenever he tries something new and it actually turns out to be good he calls it a Taste Treat Delight!

So...point of the story... our daily dish of fashion love is going to be called Taste Treat of the day. Why? Do you ask! Well we like to find people that have tried something new and different and pulled it off. And sometimes we can just like the good old fashioned safe style that always looks good. Either way...we will share our finds with you. And those with good taste (in fashion ;) become our treat!
Taste Treat #1:

We had to find a good winter look before the season is over. This look is from (LOOOOVE that site). The whole combination just works and is so creative. The fave part is that hood/scarf. Don't know what it is but hoping that it is a separate chunky scarf piece because that is to die for. Love everything about it! What do you think?

Monday, February 15, 2010


For this week we are having a Winter BLOW OUT SALE !! All of our boots are on Clearance for $13 or $15 ONLY!! Great Great Great!! For those of you who live in Rexburg, you are going to be needing boots for at least 4 more months, so get these while theyre HOT!! P.S. you will not find these quality boots ANYWHERE this cheap!!


AND, just to add a little more to the EXCITEMENT... all of our TOPS are on CLEARANCE TOO!! Were making room for our upcoming SHADE order and we want to make sure you are taking advantage of these super cute tops for such a GREAT price...




THIS WEEK ONLY!! If you've been waiting for a sale, wait NO LONGER! The prices can never be lower!


Saturday, February 6, 2010


We are shopping for our Spring/Summer stock right now and getting really excited for a change in season.
As of RIGHT NOW we are thinking to center around this type of style:
Bottoms: Skinny Jeans
Tops: Baggy boyfriend tees and florals
Jewelry: simple jewelry (think chains with a charm) and multi-strand bracelets
Shoes: hot wedges and gladiator sandals
Now trying to decide on sunglasses and handbags. Do we like Aviators or oversized? And over the shoulder or big boho bags? We'll see. VERY excited for the new stock!