Sunday, May 30, 2010

Autumn Dame

I recently found the most adorable clothing on It is called Autumn Dame and I fell in love with the original and creative pieces. Here are some of my favorites:

The same designer also has a jewelry line called Marie Elizabeth Couture and you can find that stuff at
I love everything and want it all! There is a giveaway going on the 'We Chirp' blog for a chance to win an autumn dame piece!

Friday, May 28, 2010

Cookie Salad Delight!

On the quest for the perfect summer side dish? Want to shake up your fruit salad recipe? Asked to bring something to a BBQ? Look no further because I have found the winner! Cookie Salad! Fruit and chocolate cookies...such an unexpected combo...but trust just works. I made this delish dish for dinner tonight and it was so quick and simple and really hit the spot. I don't know about you but anything with fruit and chocolate is goin in my recipe book. There are different recipes for Cookie Salad but this is said to be the best...

1 pkg. Instant Vanilla Pudding Mix
1 Cup Buttermilk
12 Ounces Cool Whip
1/2 pkg. Fudge Stripe Cookies
1 can Mandarin Oranges
1 can Pineapple
1 or 2 Bananas sliced
1 carton Strawberries
Add any seasonal fresh fruit you want!

Cut up your fruit and put in fridge to chill or set aside...

Mix together pudding mix and buttermilk in large bowl. Then fold in cool whip...

Add all fruit to mixture and mix so all fruit is coated evenly...

Break up fudge stripe cookies into chunks and add to mixture. Mix until everything is coated with mixture...

Chill in fridge until desired temp! Do a lil taste test with your fingers... & Enjoy!

Pop of color!

I know what my next crafty/decor project is going to be! I saw this lovely little decorative wall piece on the 'Make it or love it' blog and decided right then and there that I need it. I love finding decorative piece how-to's instead of just cute products for sale because then you can customize it to match any room in your house! How adorable is this craft? I love how it looks semi-fancy but young and fresh at the same time.

I would be making this for my wall today but I haven't invested in a sewing machine yet. So once I have access to one I will summon my creative juices and create a magical piece. Stay tuned! To see the tutorial just click HERE.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The Bachelorette is Back

Ohhhhh holy night! The bachelorette is back! This is one of my most loved reality shows because it's like one person's whole life of dating rolled into one entertaining show. I mean...all the weirdos you seem to have to go through to get to someone you really can fall in love doesn't get much more real than that. And it's interesting to see how one person I might classify as "weirdo" is the exact person that appeals to someone else. There has to be someone for everyone right? So even though I prefer The Bachelor to The Bachelorette, I tuned in for the first night of the new season and started making my predictions.

I don't know if this is just me but it seemed like there were way more long haired and sweaty guys than usual. And don't even get me started on the guy with the creepy muted voice that talks really fast. You can tell that he is going to be a total psycho. My favorites so far are the wrestler, the guy who made her the heart necklace with his sister, and the sexy spanish guy who got the first impression rose. I don't commit to names until the end of the second episode where I make my real predictions for the whole season.

Overall I am happy with who she sent home...I mean Shooter, really, did you think you had a chance with that awful inappropriate story? The only two I would have added to the bus ride home at this point were the voice guy (he is going to haunt my dreams) and the wanna-be McDreamy (with the hair and fugly striped tie).

So excited to see the whole season unfold! Let me know your thoughts and predictions on the show.

Twice as nice!

And our second winner of the giveaway is (drumrollllllllll)...

Whitney Egbert!!!

Congrats to the two winners! Whitney, just email us at and we will get you your prize.

P.S. Bachelorette started last night so you know there will be a post about that later today. So check back!

Monday, May 24, 2010

Winner winner!

A BIG thank you to all those who entered the First Sassy Pose giveaway! We appreciate all of your interest and support. The first winner was drawn and that winner is:

Jessica Packard!!!

Yay! So, Jessica, email us and let us know what item you choose and we will work out specifics with you. Everyone else, don't worry...there is still one more winner. Check back soon!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Scent Obsessed

We got a question from a Sassy reader asking, "Do you have a signature scent? What is your favorite perfume?"

I can answer that question easily in one second so I thought I would take it a little further and use this as an opportunity to ponder on what smells I really love. I learned something about myself when I took a minute to think about this instead of just accepting the standard 'flowers' and 'something baking in the oven' as my answers (although fresh bread and cookies came seriously close to making my list).

So these are my 'make me wanna melt-weak in the knees-i wanna gobble this up' favorite smells. You can't wear them all. But take this as an invitation to think of what smells you love. You might learn something new about yourself!

Keep in mind: I am strongly against ever accepting anything as my absolute "favorite" or "number one". It's too much commitment. So these are in no particular order :)

1. Chanel Coco Mademoiselle Perfume
Here is your answer reader! I don't know that I've smelled any perfume better than this. It's fresh, sweet, classy and delicious! I love it!

2. Sugar Cookie/Birthday Cake Scented Candles
So many candles capture this smell perfectly. I come dangerously close to dipping my finger in the hot wax to taste it. I have one of the "For Every Body" brand and it's fantastic!

3. BBQ Sauce
I just recently discovered how obsessed with this smell I am. I only use the sauce when I am having steak or at an actual BBQ. But I could bathe in the sauce any day.

4. Strawberry Bubblicious Gum
Who hasn't smelled this?! I would love a candle in this scent. Too bad the gum flavor only lasts about 30 seconds.

5. Burberry London Perfume
Another great! When I was waiting for Christmas to come around and dropping hints all over the place for this, I spritzed a perfume test strip with this scent and kept it in my purse so I could smell it periodically throughout the day.

Saturday, May 22, 2010


We've had some confusion with the giveaway because we can't have comments left here on the blog. So we are going to let the giveaway run until Monday night! So get your entries in by email or facebook by Monday at midnight! Just look two posts down to see what you have to do for entries and what you get to win! Thank you for all those that have entered! Good luck!
Email us at

Friday, May 21, 2010

got glass?

I've got a tip for all the ladies today! Put down your boring plastic cup and drink out of a wine glass. I don't drink alcohol but I LOVE drinking all of my faves out of wine glasses. Usually chocolate milk, orange juice with ice, or diet dr.pepper....whatever fits the mood. But I highly recommend drinking whatever it is you drink of a wine glass! Whenever I am having a 'no way to make me pretty' day I give up, stop adding makeup to the mess, put my hair in a bun and pour a wineglass full of a cold drink and I feel great from then on. Seriously, I want you all to try it. I don't know why but it makes you feel sophisticated or sexy....the only word I can really think of for the situation is fabulous. I think it's because it puts you into this character. I almost want to slip on a silk robe, speak with an accent, and lounge on a designer chaise lounge chair all day. Try won't be disappointed.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

In it to win it! Giveaway!

It's time for S-Pose's first ever FREE GIVEAWAY! How great are giveaways? It's just free stuff! AND since Sassy Pose is a small company you have a really good chance of winning! Plus it's a Double Giveaway!!! So there will be TWO winners. One prize plus shipping per winner!

For the first prize our winner will get to choose 1 of these 3 pairs of Summer Sandals..

The second prize will be your choice of one of these pieces of Sassy Pose jewelry..

So we are going to do a raffle situation here. Below are the 10 ways you can get an entry. All you have to do is complete as many as you can and then either email us or leave a comment on the Sassy Pose facebook page (our comments aren't showing up on here for some reason) telling which of the entry options you completed! Then we will literally print off your entries and draw the winners out of a very stylish hat!

1. Become a follower of this blog (current followers count too!)
2. Add a link to SP blog or website from your blog (leave us a link to your blog)
3. Write a blog post about this SP giveaway (leave us a link to your blog)
4. Vote on the 'I want, I want, I want' poll on the left
5. Order any single item from
6. Submit a photo of you wearing your Sassy items
7. Follow the Sassy Pose page on Facebook
8. Refer a friend to Facebook page, blog, or (friend has to follow or buy)
9. Leave a comment telling what your favorite Sassy Pose item is
10. Update your Facebook status about Sassy Pose or this giveaway

So many ways to win!!! Entry deadline is midnight on Friday night 5/21. We will post the first winner on the blog Saturday morning. Once they respond and choose which prize they want then we will post the second winner and they can make their choice! Ok ready...go!

Fresh Perspective

We are changing up the SPose blog again! Gotta change with the times. We are bored reading our own blog so we took that as a sign. This blog will no longer be used to talk about Sassy Pose sales, items, looks, etc. Of course we will mention our products just won't be the main focus. To keep everyone up-to-date with S-pose sales and items we will continue to update Twitter and Facebook so check it every now and again!

So back to this blog- just be ready for something amazing! We want to cover EVERYTHING that girls, women, females like. It's going to look something like this: makeup and hairstyle tips and how-to's, looks we love, fashion no-no's, work-out tips for tone, dessert how-to's, T.V show reviews and opinions, pictures, and giveaways! Let us know what you want to see by voting on the poll to the left there. We have been inspired from other blogs and websites we have found and we think here at Sassy Pose that we have a fresh perspective to share!

We are also allowing and welcoming (with open arms) comments! Let us know what you like, don't like, want more of..whatev. Ask questions...share a part of it! Excited about what's to come!

And P.S. I just got a new profesh camera!! Get ready for some"I think i'm a model" "I think I'm a photographer" and "I think I'm artistic" shots! There will be pictures galore!

So...we are gonna launch the new and improved blog with a Sassy Pose giveaway!!! Free stuff?! Yes please! Check back soon to see the details.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Let us explain...

Kimmie and I decided its time to have a BIG SALE with Sassy Pose! We are so excited that its our SIXTH MONTH of Sassy Pose AND its time to clear out some of our cute stuff so we can have room for other items.

We love providing cute and fun items every season for everyone that likes our style. Its fun to see who is interested in what we have! Right now we are trying to clear a lot of our stock out so we have lowered our prices to the point that everyone is getting our stuff pretty much at WHOLESALE PRICES. And there isn't an item that isn't on sale. So if you have had your eye on is definitely the time to buy!

We also wanted to explain to those that haven't ordered from us yet about the quality of our products! It came to our attention that sometimes when people see items that are priced so low they automatically assume its because it is poor quality. You will be surprised to find that that is not the case with Sassy. It's surprisingly great quality! It is well worth your money and we want you to try us on for size...and quality!

Go check out the prices now....some things are even up to 80% off! I'll motivate you to get your butt over to with some of our sales below! Thanks for reading Sassies!

Love, Melissa

Shade Tanks - Thin and Thick strap $6.99!!!!
These tanks are $11.50 on the SHADE website!

Strappy Summer Sandals $8.00!!!
Say Whhhhhaaaaaat! These are usually $12.99

Tenley Link Bracelet ONLY $2.99!!!
This beautiful metal bracelet is normally $5.99!