Sunday, March 28, 2010

Springy Treat!

How adorable is Selena Gomez?! She always looks so cute and fresh. Here at the Kids Choice Awards we love her springy dress and here gladiator heels more! Definitely the taste treat outfit of the day!

Sassy Pose will be gone for a week! You can still make online orders and they will be sent out on Monday April 5th. But the blog and 'in person' orders will be on hold for a little while. Check back in about a week!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Spotlight Sale!

We decided to SPOTLIGHT one whole outfit with each item of the outfit being on sale! It's a good opportunity to get items that go together at cheap prices OR get just one item that you have been waiting to go on sale. Either way its a GREAT DEAL for you! We chose a bunch of our favorite items for the first SPOTLIGHT!! So check out the sale by clicking HERE. And here is a look at the SPOTLIGHT SPECIAL outfit today...
Sassy Pose is moving to St. George, UT! This is important to know because it could effect the shipping rates to your state. So if you are here in the Northwest and have been thinking about ordering then you should ORDER NOW or call Melissa and you can stop by to pick up your items. This will be your last week to stop by if you are in the Sumner area.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

The Need for an Undershirt

For some reason, when I went to college in 2002, I started wearing undershirts religiously... maybe its because I went to BYUI and they were strict about skin showing... anyway, as fashion evolved, layering became way fashionable but also necessary. Now days, I feel weird if I'm not wearing an undershirt. Pretty much everyone that I know has a million undershirts in every color.. and you should too! A great basic under could add an interesting element to any outfit... or add a contrasting color under to pop any outfit!

Not everyone in the world wears undershirts (in my opinion ALL guys should wear them ALL the time!) but there are some looks that ABSOLUTELY REQUIRE a good undershirt... let' s look at some DO NOT'S:

If you're wearing a deep V neck, wear an undershirt!! No one wants to see your bra

If your shirt is too short or too tight, do yourself a favor and wear and undershirt, no one wants to see your buldges or tummy!

Unfortunately, we are not always aware that our shirt is see through so when in doubt, just wear something under!
99.9% of the world has an ugly back, not only that but who actually likes to see butt crack when someone bends over... quick fix... add an under shirt!

Ok, that was a little scary, but look how cute these outfits are when they add a SHADE layering tank under their tops... cuter and not one of them looks disgusting!!

Add a tank under deep V's and open front tops

Put a simple tank underneath shirts that might be too short or ride up when you sit down

Add a cute color tank under cardigans or sweaters

Put a colored tank under a plain or solid shirt to give your outfit some pop and visual interest!!

Check out our new Shade layering basics... Sassy We can order them for you in any size or color that shade offers on their web site. We offer cami's, wide strap tanks, and layering T's!!

Now I know that you all have your old white tank that isn't even white anymore... do your self a favor and BRIGHTEN UP YOUR LIFE with a new white tank!!

Saturday, March 13, 2010


We share bad looks as well as good looks here at Sassy Pose. We try not to just flat out insult someone because we're all about everyone having their own look and their own style. But since we are 100% positive the person in this photo is not going to see this...we just had to share this "no no" look with you. Mostly for entertainment purposes. And to top it off..she usually wears that huge black tutu outift. Not a look we recommend. She is on the show Operation Repo...

We'll let the photos speak for themselves. ;)

Monday, March 8, 2010

Dare to Compare

In shopping for our Sassy Pose products, we try to find good quality items at a competitive price. I wanted to check out some of our competition to see how good of a deal we are giving our customers... as it turns out, OUR PRICES ARE EVEN LOWER THAN WE THOUGHT!

Now is SUCH a great time to get all the latest trends and fashions for the LOWEST prices you can find from SASSY POSE! We are so happy to offer these great deals to you! Happy Shopping!

Friday, March 5, 2010

Tasty Tasty

Taste Treat of the Day:

Ashley Olsen!!! Weird because the twins can look like hobos a lot of the time but we are loving this look. The belt OVER the jacket is adorable. And she pulls the bootie boots off really well. Love this change in her style.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Ready, Ready, Ready!!!!

Are you ready? Cause we are!! Sassy Pose is ready for Spring! We have spent the last couple of weeks searching high and low for all the great styles for this Spring... and we've GOT EM!!

Sassy Summer Sandals:

Stylish Summer Sunglasses:

And Super Cute Summer Shorts!

Not only that but we've got NEW JEWELRY, Hand Crafted Jewelry, WATCHES, SWIMSUITS,

You can order ANY Shade Clothing from us for CHEAPER than Shade's Prices!!

We are SO excited and know you will be too when you see our
new stuff all at FANTASTIC prices!

THIS WEEKS SPECIAL: 1st 10 Shoppers who spend over $20 get a FREE gift!
Dont Miss out!!

Monday, March 1, 2010

As promised... is your second taste treat!
As you noticed- the outfit isn't anything special but we LOVE the glasses! Nice choice for Ashley Tisdale. And just a little hint- if you can't afford Ray Bans you can check out Sassy Pose and see this style of sunglasses we have coming with the launch of our new spring line this week! Just as cute and waaaaaay cheaper!