Sunday, August 22, 2010

The Booth!

The Sassy Pose booth was a success! Thanks to all those that came out and supported us. We sold out of a lot of merch. All of our SPose jewelry is gone! Everything left is on super sale to get it out of stock to make room for our future new orders. The website will be updated later this week. Right now it is under construction so we can clear out everything we sold at the booth. We'll keep everyone posted on our plans when we know them! Thanks for following!
Enjoy the pics from the Sassy Pose booth weekend....

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Calling all shoppers!

August 11th-14th Sassy Pose will be a featured booth at the Washington fair in St. George, UT! Anyone in the area be sure to come by and check it out. Kimmie and I will both be there to sell, shop, demonstrate, talk, and have a good time. We will be selling the remainder of our Spring/Summer stock so you will be sure to find good prices! If you are not in the area then you can still take advantage of the prices at We haven't added to the stock in a while so quantities are low. Check it out and snag what you like. Thanks everyone! See you there!

Be sure to check the blog the week after as we are sure to have taken lots of pictures from the event and will feature our booth and our happy customers here on the blog!

Monday, August 2, 2010

Love is in the air!

Ali chose ROBERTO!!! I loved everything about the last episode! Kissing in the ocean and it starts raining... so romantic. Ali letting go of Chris before the proposal spare his feelings! Chris going out with his head held high and without anything bad to say about Ali. The RAINBOW that came out right after Ali dumped Chris which we all know is the sign that Chris' mother sends from heaven to let her know she is there. It couldn't have been better!

And now Roberto and Ali are so in love and so sweet together. Moving in together in San Diego and planning a wedding for next year. I am so glad none of those horrible rumors about Roberto breaking her heart or her not choosing anyone in the end were right. This was a great season!
I do need to say that there was one tiny thing that bugged about tonight's episode. I didn't have fun looking at all the outfits and accessories of Ali's. That's usually one of my favorite parts but tonight just wasn't doin it for me. Oh well...

I vote Chris for the next bachelor.

Can I just say that the second week I named my top 3 and Roberto was numero dos. I did say that something felt off about him but he was still one of my faves. I think the thing that was off was that he was too good to be true! I am full of butterflies and rainbows right now. It's borderline ridiculous so I better go to bed.
Until next season...