Sunday, August 22, 2010

The Booth!

The Sassy Pose booth was a success! Thanks to all those that came out and supported us. We sold out of a lot of merch. All of our SPose jewelry is gone! Everything left is on super sale to get it out of stock to make room for our future new orders. The website will be updated later this week. Right now it is under construction so we can clear out everything we sold at the booth. We'll keep everyone posted on our plans when we know them! Thanks for following!
Enjoy the pics from the Sassy Pose booth weekend....

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Calling all shoppers!

August 11th-14th Sassy Pose will be a featured booth at the Washington fair in St. George, UT! Anyone in the area be sure to come by and check it out. Kimmie and I will both be there to sell, shop, demonstrate, talk, and have a good time. We will be selling the remainder of our Spring/Summer stock so you will be sure to find good prices! If you are not in the area then you can still take advantage of the prices at We haven't added to the stock in a while so quantities are low. Check it out and snag what you like. Thanks everyone! See you there!

Be sure to check the blog the week after as we are sure to have taken lots of pictures from the event and will feature our booth and our happy customers here on the blog!

Monday, August 2, 2010

Love is in the air!

Ali chose ROBERTO!!! I loved everything about the last episode! Kissing in the ocean and it starts raining... so romantic. Ali letting go of Chris before the proposal spare his feelings! Chris going out with his head held high and without anything bad to say about Ali. The RAINBOW that came out right after Ali dumped Chris which we all know is the sign that Chris' mother sends from heaven to let her know she is there. It couldn't have been better!

And now Roberto and Ali are so in love and so sweet together. Moving in together in San Diego and planning a wedding for next year. I am so glad none of those horrible rumors about Roberto breaking her heart or her not choosing anyone in the end were right. This was a great season!
I do need to say that there was one tiny thing that bugged about tonight's episode. I didn't have fun looking at all the outfits and accessories of Ali's. That's usually one of my favorite parts but tonight just wasn't doin it for me. Oh well...

I vote Chris for the next bachelor.

Can I just say that the second week I named my top 3 and Roberto was numero dos. I did say that something felt off about him but he was still one of my faves. I think the thing that was off was that he was too good to be true! I am full of butterflies and rainbows right now. It's borderline ridiculous so I better go to bed.
Until next season...

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Down to two...

Roberto and Ali

Probably the cutest thing I've witnessed on TV this entire year was Roberto telling Ali "I am falling in love with you" all sheepishly and so sincerely. You could tell he was getting nervous leading up to that because he was totally rambling. If I had to choose, I would be team Roberto for the finale in two weeks! Even though he was sweating like a pig the whole episode in Tahiti, I think he is a good guy and he makes her excited, so that's a good match right there.

Tahiti was a good choice. So romantic and secluded. I seriously want some of those blue, off-the-shoulder, wavy and loose shirts that Ali wore on the day that she was supposed to go on the date with Frank. All the clothes she wore tonight looked comfortable and fun! Too bad Frank ruined the cute shirt day for us.

Frank - you disappointed us all my friend. You probably would have been with Ali in the end and instead you had to go find your ex girlfriend. What I really want to know is the reason that they broke up to begin with. Because it sounds like he just broke up with her to go on the show. Otherwise when he showed up at her door wouldn't she be saying something like "we broke up for a reason...I need to think about this?" Also, why was she in a hotel room? They did not give us a very clear explanation of what was going on.

This weeks episode fully entertained me. I laughed, I yelled {sometimes the TV gets it from me}, I said "awwwww" a lot. I had to tell my husb to "shush" at least 5 times...which means it was good because I was listening intently. I am excited for the men tell all next week because I want some of those guys to smash wrestler Justin in the face! Doesn't this show just bring out the best in me? :)

Both guys seem like good, cute, sincere and fun guys. So either way I think its a good choice. What team is everyone else on?

Monday, July 19, 2010


Kate Beckinsale is one of my faves! And not necessarily because of what she wears, but I just love her overall look all the time. Her hair, unique face, and quiet confidence is what I think sets her apart. She is classy, chic, and doesn't try to do too much. I think that sometimes {or most times} it is better to go with something you feel good in and accessorize with one great piece or even your shining personality. We can learn a lot from timeless beauties like her!

Friday, July 9, 2010


Good news or bad news first? Ok, bad news. I just had to endure an incredibly awkward 10 mins while in line waiting to get my sandwich made. Good news! I got a good idea for a new regular segment for this blog! Now I've got you wondering don't I?

So, for lunch today I walked into a sub shop to get my usual and took my place in the very back of the longer-than-normal line that had formed. When you are standing in line by yourself you can't help but check out the other people around you. Especially when they all have their backs toward you because then you don't have to hide your elevator eyes. C'mon, I know you all do it.

So, there is a couple standing directly in front of me...the right side of the couple was a cute petite girl. Two things I noticed about this girl 1. she was carrying a great Gucci bag that was a perfect size and 2. she had one of those extremely teased and rounded hairstyles going that was cinched at the bottom into a pony. Ya know...the kind of hair that appears to make your head into a completely round ball and makes it look at least double the size that it actually is.

I am not trying to judge or say anything bad about this type of hair choice. I think everyone is completely and totally entitled to their own style and that is what makes us unique! That is when I thought of my fun new segment. I can take pictures of the real people I notice while people watching and post the pictures on here to discuss likes, dislikes, unique ideas, opinions and thoughts {of course keeping all faces out of the shot}.

So, for my first "real people" discussion I wanted to snap a pic of the teased hair girl to discuss this particular type of hairstyle and see opinions and thoughts of why some choose to do their hair this way. So I decided to pull out my phone and do the ol' "I am just checking my text messages but have to hold my phone up high enough for a picture" bit. I made sure to put my Blackberry on silent and got into position. Two things I failed to take into account 1. turning my phone on silent does not stop the "snap" sound when snapping a picture 2. my camera flash is always set on auto. You know where I am going with this...

The moment I snapped a pic and it clicked and flashed {in the awkwardly silent restaurant} the couple turned around to see my Blackberry staring at them straight in the hair...I mean face. I had no way out {apparently my reflexes are faulty}. My arm was obviously held up way too high to just have accidentally pressed the camera button while I was texting. And there was nothing else in the vicinity that I could have been taking a picture of. So what do I do? Just keep it in the air and squint at the phone like I am really concentrating on whatever it is on the screen. They just stare at me like they are waiting for an explanation but I avoid all eye contact. The guy is turned around for a good 25 seconds. It felt like time was standing still and I had no idea where to go from here. Like I am going to say "sorry I was taking a picture of the back of you and your girlfriend"?!

The couple hadn't even ordered yet at this point. So for the next ten minutes I just stand next to them...all the way through the cheese, veggies, and sauce. They glance at me at least once every minute and I ignore the awkward air. I swear the guy almost started to say something to me two different times. They wanted to know why the heck I took a picture of them!

Worst part about this story? The picture didn't even turn out with my phone camera! {see pic below} You can see nothing but an average looking ponytail. You are just going to have to trust me on this was a whole different 'do in person. It was a head turner!

Against better judgment, I think I will still try out my new "real people" segment. Just thought I would share this failed attempt for a laugh! Have a good weekend everyone!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

I am thinking of doing this...

to my hair. Color and cut. I need some oomph! I've tried a short cut, dark dye, streaks of hilights and lowlights, extensions....everything! And I still get bored of my hair so easily. My only concern is that I will be disappointed when I am sitting in that salon chair and they spin me around to see the final product and my face hasn't magically changed to look exactly like Reese Witherspoons. And by that I mean what if I don't have the face shape, coloring etc to pull it off? Any professional advice?