Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The Bachelorette is Back

Ohhhhh holy night! The bachelorette is back! This is one of my most loved reality shows because it's like one person's whole life of dating rolled into one entertaining show. I mean...all the weirdos you seem to have to go through to get to someone you really can fall in love with...it doesn't get much more real than that. And it's interesting to see how one person I might classify as "weirdo" is the exact person that appeals to someone else. There has to be someone for everyone right? So even though I prefer The Bachelor to The Bachelorette, I tuned in for the first night of the new season and started making my predictions.

I don't know if this is just me but it seemed like there were way more long haired and sweaty guys than usual. And don't even get me started on the guy with the creepy muted voice that talks really fast. You can tell that he is going to be a total psycho. My favorites so far are the wrestler, the guy who made her the heart necklace with his sister, and the sexy spanish guy who got the first impression rose. I don't commit to names until the end of the second episode where I make my real predictions for the whole season.

Overall I am happy with who she sent home...I mean Shooter, really, did you think you had a chance with that awful inappropriate story? The only two I would have added to the bus ride home at this point were the voice guy (he is going to haunt my dreams) and the wanna-be McDreamy (with the hair and fugly striped tie).

So excited to see the whole season unfold! Let me know your thoughts and predictions on the show.


  1. EXACTLY!! I was thinking that Craig was an ugly version on McDreamy... the guy I like the most was Jessie- the guy with the heart necklace and Roberto... oh and Ty the Nashville divorced guy... they seemed sweet... I hated the guy with the uke song and the weather guy... It seemed to me like there were a lot of guys with curly hair... and I felt SO BAD for the outdoors guy that was like "this is the first time in my life that I felt like a failure..."

  2. My husband and I totally thought the same thing; that Craig looked like McDreamy with a baseball bat taken to the face hahah!
    WE LOVE THE BACHELORETTE!! (and bachelor) ;)