Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Fresh Perspective

We are changing up the SPose blog again! Gotta change with the times. We are bored reading our own blog so we took that as a sign. This blog will no longer be used to talk about Sassy Pose sales, items, looks, etc. Of course we will mention our products periodically...it just won't be the main focus. To keep everyone up-to-date with S-pose sales and items we will continue to update Twitter and Facebook so check it every now and again!

So back to this blog- just be ready for something amazing! We want to cover EVERYTHING that girls, women, females like. It's going to look something like this: makeup and hairstyle tips and how-to's, looks we love, fashion no-no's, work-out tips for tone, dessert how-to's, T.V show reviews and opinions, pictures, and giveaways! Let us know what you want to see by voting on the poll to the left there. We have been inspired from other blogs and websites we have found and we think here at Sassy Pose that we have a fresh perspective to share!

We are also allowing and welcoming (with open arms) comments! Let us know what you like, don't like, want more of..whatev. Ask questions...share stories...be a part of it! Excited about what's to come!

And P.S. I just got a new profesh camera!! Get ready for some"I think i'm a model" "I think I'm a photographer" and "I think I'm artistic" shots! There will be pictures galore!

So...we are gonna launch the new and improved blog with a Sassy Pose giveaway!!! Free stuff?! Yes please! Check back soon to see the details.

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