Friday, May 21, 2010

got glass?

I've got a tip for all the ladies today! Put down your boring plastic cup and drink out of a wine glass. I don't drink alcohol but I LOVE drinking all of my faves out of wine glasses. Usually chocolate milk, orange juice with ice, or diet dr.pepper....whatever fits the mood. But I highly recommend drinking whatever it is you drink of a wine glass! Whenever I am having a 'no way to make me pretty' day I give up, stop adding makeup to the mess, put my hair in a bun and pour a wineglass full of a cold drink and I feel great from then on. Seriously, I want you all to try it. I don't know why but it makes you feel sophisticated or sexy....the only word I can really think of for the situation is fabulous. I think it's because it puts you into this character. I almost want to slip on a silk robe, speak with an accent, and lounge on a designer chaise lounge chair all day. Try won't be disappointed.

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