Monday, May 10, 2010

Let us explain...

Kimmie and I decided its time to have a BIG SALE with Sassy Pose! We are so excited that its our SIXTH MONTH of Sassy Pose AND its time to clear out some of our cute stuff so we can have room for other items.

We love providing cute and fun items every season for everyone that likes our style. Its fun to see who is interested in what we have! Right now we are trying to clear a lot of our stock out so we have lowered our prices to the point that everyone is getting our stuff pretty much at WHOLESALE PRICES. And there isn't an item that isn't on sale. So if you have had your eye on is definitely the time to buy!

We also wanted to explain to those that haven't ordered from us yet about the quality of our products! It came to our attention that sometimes when people see items that are priced so low they automatically assume its because it is poor quality. You will be surprised to find that that is not the case with Sassy. It's surprisingly great quality! It is well worth your money and we want you to try us on for size...and quality!

Go check out the prices now....some things are even up to 80% off! I'll motivate you to get your butt over to with some of our sales below! Thanks for reading Sassies!

Love, Melissa

Shade Tanks - Thin and Thick strap $6.99!!!!
These tanks are $11.50 on the SHADE website!

Strappy Summer Sandals $8.00!!!
Say Whhhhhaaaaaat! These are usually $12.99

Tenley Link Bracelet ONLY $2.99!!!
This beautiful metal bracelet is normally $5.99!

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