Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Another Epi

Not much to share about Bach-ette this week. I've been reading that all of Ali's interviews lead us to believe that she doesn't pick anyone in the end. So that's buggin me. I am obvs still going to watch it though.

I love how dramatic they make the departures when someone doesn't get a rose. Like how they left Kasey chillin in the middle of nowhere in Iceland and took off in a helicopter. I didn't even feel bad for him...it was his time. After this I never want to hear the word "heart" again. I think he set a record for the amount of times using that word in a one hour episode on TV.

Thank goodness Chris N. was the one to not get a rose at the ceremony this week. I didn't even know who that guy was! It NEVER showed him this whole time and then this week they decide to show him and Ali have 1 minute of one-on-one time together. And it was SO awkward. He definitely flew under the radar the whole time.

It's getting down to the real competition now. The game it on!

{p.s. I think she looks gorgeous in this picture.}


  1. I think she has a big nose... did anyone else notice that?

  2. She does look quite pretty in that picture. I really should start watching The Bachelorette one of these days! :)