Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Bach-ette 2

My take on bachelorette night 2:

It got pretty intense.

Obviously the wanna-be McDreamy (Craig M) was the psycho focus for the week that the producers of the show wanted to make us hate. And hate him we did. There is nothing I hate more than a cocky guy. Craig was the cockiest guy and a big bully just looking for someone to put down to build himself up. The funny thing is that he never seemed to mind that he wasn't getting any time with Ali! I was wanting to see them together the whole time to see how he would hide his psycho-ness and cockiness. When they finally had one on one time he was all nervous and tongue tied and slurred every word that came out of his mouth so nothing he said even made sense. Nice and smooth wanna-be McDreamy. Loved it.

Next hot topic of the night- weatherman. Ok weatherman that looks like you're 12- focus more on your relationship with Ali and less about other people and how they are not right for her. It bugs when people don't work on their relationship and they just want to get someone else out of there. Just like how the other Craig is obsessed with Justin getting kicked out. Bug.

So three favorites right now:

He is my absolute favorite and I want him to win the whole thing!

Roberto: Seems a little too perfect and smooth. I'm predicting that he will be the one that has had a girlfriend all along. Something feels just a tad off about him.

Frank: So chill and fun and Ali obviously loves him already. Definitely one of the top predictions. But I still want Jesse to win...

On another note- Is Ali actually positive, bubbly, and giggly all the time. She seems like a sweet girl that has fun no matter what she is doing. But is that just for the couple of hours a week that she is on dates and camera or is it really all the time? Just wondering...


  1. Lovin' the Bachelorette posts! I love hearing your opinion. Keep em coming!

  2. Exactly, I always thought that Ali was a little fake... and you know how people try to act like they are fun by laughing all the time? the jury is still out on her... and Jessie is my love! all the way baby!!