Tuesday, June 15, 2010

JESSE for next Bachelor!

Very entertaining episode! All I have to say is....16 mins of muted-voice Kasey is 16 mins too much. Too much! Aside from the fact that his voice is creepy to listen to, he was nauseating with his cheesy lines, awful singing and obsessiveness. Oh, and If he says "guard and protect my heart" again...I can't even talk about this anymore. He got a tattoo. She shouldn't have let him stay. And I am convinced that if he had shown her that tattoo then he would've been out of there.

My favorite part of the whole episode was watching the group date guys dance for Lion King auditions. That was awesome! They were all good sports and were so fun to watch. How embarrassing would that be to sing for professionals when you're not a singer?! Jesse melted my heart when he did his singing audition! LOVED it! He deserved to win the date no matter what. Best BY FAR!

Jesse...the little country boy. I can NOT believe she got rid of him. She chose Kasey over him. And goofy Craig over him. And that random Chris N. guy that it NEVER even shows! I guess I have to accept the fact that people have difference tastes and I am not the bachelorette. But I still can't believe it! At least the weatherman is out of there...

Frank, Kirk and Roberto are going to be the final three. Mark my words! Of course...I thought Jesse should've won the whole thing and he didnt even make it to top 10. But that is my new prediction. Thoughts?


  1. Haha, great recap. I'm so sick of Kasey and the whole "guard and protect your heart" bit. And the tattoo??? Where do they find these people??? Haha. I'm a new follower!


  2. OK OK.... the face that you love Jesse as much as I do shows we're on the same page! I like your blog even more now ;) He was ADORABLE that night (and pretty darn good, too) and I think he should have won the challenge! Glad we agree :)