Monday, June 14, 2010

Heel Heaven

Once I think of the perfect touch to complete an outfit I can't stop thinking about it until I get it in my hands.... or in this case...on my feet. Right now I have three different types of heels that I NEED for this summer season to complete some of my planned fantasy outfits that I want to come to life.

Nude Pumps! I am loving NUDE everything for the summer. I actually just bought a cute nude bag today. You can wear them with everything but I imagine some beautiful nude pumps with a dark brown or light pinkish dress. Ohhh maybe even coral. Make it casual with a white sun dress or even dress it up with a saucy black dress. They will work with so many things! I have to find the perfect pair for my collection! Once again I'm on the hunt.
I want some true blue pumps. I saw an amazing outift recently that jumped out at me. It was a black pencil skirt with a stylish white beaded shirt and blue pumps. So now I am obsessed with black and white with blue! Here are some hot Joan&david pumps I found on

Wedges!!! This season I want to wear florals every day! Floral flowy shirts, dresses, scarves, bags, etc! And the best compliment you can give to an outfit full of florals? Wedges!

Vince Camuto White Strappies and Tan Aldo Shoes

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