Tuesday, June 8, 2010

This week's Bachette review!

Ok I am not trying to be a negative nancy about this season's Bachelorette but it's gettin to me. This week's episode was full of completely awkward moments! I usually look forward to the sweet dates that allow me to "awwwwww"...but there was none of that last night.

Let's start from the beginning...on the group date when Barenaked Ladies were playing their song and the guys were telling what the song was about...that was too cheesy and forced for me. I mean they were saying that this song represents exactly what they are going through on this journey with Ali and half of them haven't even had an hour alone with her yet!

But overall the group date was really funny to me. The poor insecure weather man that looks like he's 5 was so nervous. Made me think of last week when he was so nervous to put on the speedo and needed extra attention. This week he was so nervous about kissing her for the music video so he let her know "if you're uncomfortable then we don't have to do it"...haha! I wouldnt be surprised if his kiss with Ali was his first kiss ever!

I do think that the hardest thing about being a part of this would be to see her kissing all the other guys when you already feel like you are dating. Like Frank who already has this great connection with her but he can't do anything about it. Its just not natural. Poor Frank.

I have to mention Jesse's outfit at the cocktail party. Yes Jesse's my boy and all but all denim? Really? Everyone else is looking sharp in full on fancy suits and he is wearing jeans and a denim button up! The fact that he's 'down to earth' and 'just bought his first suit' is part of his charm for sure but I would've rather seen him in some slacks and a dress up shirt from the buckle or something...

Weird muted voice guy has pretty much been described by me up to this point as creepy (to say the least!). So of course I found it hilarious when he described Justin the wrestler as 'creepy' tonight.

While we're on the wrestler...I don't understand why everyone hates him so much. I think that there is more going on in the house that they aren't showing us. Just like Vienna last season. It shows all this drama about them talking about 'what he's done' and 'how he acts towards them' but we haven't seen any of what he's done. Dang editing!

At the end of this episode I wish she could've gotten rid of about 3 more guys. Next week I am looking forward to more cute romantic moments, some real drama, and better outfits to look at! Gotta love it!


  1. I'm thinking maybe I should start watching The Bachelorette - just out of curiosity, that is!! :)

  2. TOTALLY agree with you! She could have gotten rid of at LEAST 3 more guys. Blahhh! Thanks for stopping by my blog girl! I appreciate it :)


  3. I soo love you blog. You are awesome
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