Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Down to two...

Roberto and Ali

Probably the cutest thing I've witnessed on TV this entire year was Roberto telling Ali "I am falling in love with you" all sheepishly and so sincerely. You could tell he was getting nervous leading up to that because he was totally rambling. If I had to choose, I would be team Roberto for the finale in two weeks! Even though he was sweating like a pig the whole episode in Tahiti, I think he is a good guy and he makes her excited, so that's a good match right there.

Tahiti was a good choice. So romantic and secluded. I seriously want some of those blue, off-the-shoulder, wavy and loose shirts that Ali wore on the day that she was supposed to go on the date with Frank. All the clothes she wore tonight looked comfortable and fun! Too bad Frank ruined the cute shirt day for us.

Frank - you disappointed us all my friend. You probably would have been with Ali in the end and instead you had to go find your ex girlfriend. What I really want to know is the reason that they broke up to begin with. Because it sounds like he just broke up with her to go on the show. Otherwise when he showed up at her door wouldn't she be saying something like "we broke up for a reason...I need to think about this?" Also, why was she in a hotel room? They did not give us a very clear explanation of what was going on.

This weeks episode fully entertained me. I laughed, I yelled {sometimes the TV gets it from me}, I said "awwwww" a lot. I had to tell my husb to "shush" at least 5 times...which means it was good because I was listening intently. I am excited for the men tell all next week because I want some of those guys to smash wrestler Justin in the face! Doesn't this show just bring out the best in me? :)

Both guys seem like good, cute, sincere and fun guys. So either way I think its a good choice. What team is everyone else on?


  1. Roberto is soo adorable! I'm ok with Frank leaving just because I wasn't a huge fan of him to begin with...I think he talked a good game but Roberto and Chris are 2 really good and sincere guys!