Friday, July 9, 2010


Good news or bad news first? Ok, bad news. I just had to endure an incredibly awkward 10 mins while in line waiting to get my sandwich made. Good news! I got a good idea for a new regular segment for this blog! Now I've got you wondering don't I?

So, for lunch today I walked into a sub shop to get my usual and took my place in the very back of the longer-than-normal line that had formed. When you are standing in line by yourself you can't help but check out the other people around you. Especially when they all have their backs toward you because then you don't have to hide your elevator eyes. C'mon, I know you all do it.

So, there is a couple standing directly in front of me...the right side of the couple was a cute petite girl. Two things I noticed about this girl 1. she was carrying a great Gucci bag that was a perfect size and 2. she had one of those extremely teased and rounded hairstyles going that was cinched at the bottom into a pony. Ya know...the kind of hair that appears to make your head into a completely round ball and makes it look at least double the size that it actually is.

I am not trying to judge or say anything bad about this type of hair choice. I think everyone is completely and totally entitled to their own style and that is what makes us unique! That is when I thought of my fun new segment. I can take pictures of the real people I notice while people watching and post the pictures on here to discuss likes, dislikes, unique ideas, opinions and thoughts {of course keeping all faces out of the shot}.

So, for my first "real people" discussion I wanted to snap a pic of the teased hair girl to discuss this particular type of hairstyle and see opinions and thoughts of why some choose to do their hair this way. So I decided to pull out my phone and do the ol' "I am just checking my text messages but have to hold my phone up high enough for a picture" bit. I made sure to put my Blackberry on silent and got into position. Two things I failed to take into account 1. turning my phone on silent does not stop the "snap" sound when snapping a picture 2. my camera flash is always set on auto. You know where I am going with this...

The moment I snapped a pic and it clicked and flashed {in the awkwardly silent restaurant} the couple turned around to see my Blackberry staring at them straight in the hair...I mean face. I had no way out {apparently my reflexes are faulty}. My arm was obviously held up way too high to just have accidentally pressed the camera button while I was texting. And there was nothing else in the vicinity that I could have been taking a picture of. So what do I do? Just keep it in the air and squint at the phone like I am really concentrating on whatever it is on the screen. They just stare at me like they are waiting for an explanation but I avoid all eye contact. The guy is turned around for a good 25 seconds. It felt like time was standing still and I had no idea where to go from here. Like I am going to say "sorry I was taking a picture of the back of you and your girlfriend"?!

The couple hadn't even ordered yet at this point. So for the next ten minutes I just stand next to them...all the way through the cheese, veggies, and sauce. They glance at me at least once every minute and I ignore the awkward air. I swear the guy almost started to say something to me two different times. They wanted to know why the heck I took a picture of them!

Worst part about this story? The picture didn't even turn out with my phone camera! {see pic below} You can see nothing but an average looking ponytail. You are just going to have to trust me on this was a whole different 'do in person. It was a head turner!

Against better judgment, I think I will still try out my new "real people" segment. Just thought I would share this failed attempt for a laugh! Have a good weekend everyone!


  1. Haha oh nooo!! how embarrassing!! But at least it makes for a good story ;) i think I can see what you mean about the hair even though the pic is a bit blurry.

  2. hahaha oh this is totally something I would least no one can say your not a dedicated blogger!! :) Like the idea of the segment too!

  3. Haha I love that story and I can totally see that happening. I am laughing so hard right now! I'm always afraid of that happening to me when I take pictures of strange people in public.

  4. ha time just give them a ssassypose biz card and say "thanks for participating" I did hate the hairstyle by the way MOM